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Boosting Your Website’s Performance

A Guide to Site Speed Maximizing User Experience and SEO Benefits Website speed is not just a technical metric; it’s a crucial factor in user experience and search engine optimization (SEO). In this guide, we’ll explore the importance of site speed and provide practical tips to optimize it for your website Why Site Speed Matters […]

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Google Workspace (G Suite)

Keep ’em separated (Web & Mail services) Sign up for Google G Suite and have Google take care of all mail related. Use your domain name to access all the great Google cloud based collaboration tools such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive & Contacts. Let the Web server do what it should do. Serve your website. […]

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Add an SSL Certificate for better rankings

For better SEO, Add an SSL Certificate to get better search engine rankings or land on the first page results on Google, site speed and HTTPS were both listed as ranking factors. An experiment with 1 million Google results determined which factors help web pages appear on the first SERP: Dedicated/Private IP address – page or site’s speed […]

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How to achieve high conversion rates from your website

Choosing the right domain name with the right Web Design & running a Sponsored Campaign or Search Engine Optimization Process to achive high conversion rates from your online business venture Choosing a domain name Finding the appropriate domain name is vital. If you don’t already have a domain name for your business web presence, our Internet Specialists […]

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