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Newsletter email marketing

Experience effortless email marketing with Constant Contact, the leading platform for simplified and effective email campaigns. Maximize your website’s potential by acquiring valuable email addresses from visitors or leveraging your existing opt-in database. Seamlessly craft and dispatch meticulously tailored email newsletters and compelling promotional content to your audience, while effortlessly monitoring and evaluating your campaign […]

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Google Apps G Suite

Keep ’em separated (Web & Mail services) Sign up for Google G Suite and have Google take care of all mail related. Use your domain name to access all the great Google cloud based collaboration tools such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive & Contacts. Let the Web server do what it should do. Serve your website. […]

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Live Chat – Increase Conversions with Fast Response

With Live Chat functionality for your website you can increase conversions & rate with the ability to quickly respond to current visitors in their mostly desired state. We recommend test driving PureChat. They offer a free basic account Contact us yo install the code on your site

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Add an SSL Certificate for better rankings

For better SEO, Add an SSL Certificate to get better search engine rankings or land on the first page results on Google, site speed and HTTPS were both listed as ranking factors. An experiment with 1 million Google results determined which factors help web pages appear on the first SERP: Dedicated/Private IP address – page or site’s speed […]

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Top Directories

Directories are very powerful & provide a large number of the information served by today’s leading search engines. Getting listed with an authority directory can increase the quality citations gathered for a local business listings while sending targeted customers derived from a top spot listings Recommended Directories: Google My Business Get your free business listing on Google My Business to start […]

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Atletico Madrid News extention

Atletico Madrid RSS Feed Reader, News, Fixtures & Streams for Atletico Madrid Atletico Madrid News Reader, Fixtures & Live streams for Manchester United get the latest news tables & streams in one place straight to your browser. Note: This is not an official Atletico Madrid product

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Top 10 Search Results Process

Top 10 Search Results: Process using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) When you purchase a Top 10 Search Results package, our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts will optimize your Web site in order to ensure that your site will be listed on the first page of the search results in the major search engines. Because search […]

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Sources to find images

“an Image is worth a thousand words” This statement is very true once a visitor is already on your page an images will enhances the visitor experience on a website for a richer more visual appealing web page images play no roll in search engines marketing ranking but do remember that your website should appeal […]

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Live Sports, Scores & Streams Chrome Extension

Live Sports Scores Sports live scores, straight to your browser. Watch free live sport & track live results with Google Chrome. Live Sports extension will bring to you every sport match scores. Live sports Scores for: Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Cricket, Hockey, Rugby & Racing.

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Flamengo Notícias Chrome Extension

Flamengo RSS Feed Reader, Notícias, Fixtures for C R Flamengo CR Flamengo News Reader, notícias, dispositivos elétricos & vivo córregos esclarecer as mais recentes tabelas de notícias & fluxos para Flamengo. Nota: Isto não é um produto oficial do CR Flamengo.

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