Managed Web Hosting

Your business hosting is important. Downtime due to server failure could hurt top search engine ranking.

The up-time of your website’s server is a major factor in your overall search engine ranking.

managed hosting

Kai Studios private dedicated servers with a leading hosting company hosted in a sophisticated and secure facilities ensures the safety and 99% up-time of the site with top-of-the-line web servers to ensure maximum stability resulting in higher ranking sites.

Supported Technology PHP & MySQL on Linux

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Add a Dedicated IP

a dedicated ip is consider a factor in SEO, in a shared hosting multiple sites share the same ip which can result in “bad neighborhood” classification, a dedicated ip ensures controls of web associations


Our Internet Specialists routinely check the integrity of server security.
With Kai Studios, your system’s security and stability is assured.
We use state-of-the-art, brand name technology with a variety of hardware platforms to accommodate different kinds of sites and services with fast response time.

Terminology –  What is web hosting?

Once a domain name is captured, the next step is to find a place to store all the files that will comprise your website and form the basis of your web presence. Technically, you could host a website anywhere. An example would be your own home computer, or perhaps a friend’s. Unfortunately, the Internet has a long history of individuals who thrive on hacking into the websites of others and stealing information on clientele, or worse.
Further, such makeshift webhosting servers may not have the stability or optimized power necessary to stay on twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. If your website goes down, you won’t just have a loss of customers, you’ll have a loss of good reputation.

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