Sponsored Campaigns

Getting professional PPC Optimization will increase goal conversions rate and will save you money. handling your sponsored search campaign yourself might work, you put a lot of time into it but it might not work so well leaving you thinking that sponsoring ads is not for your business and with a big charge on your card without any goal achieved sales, leads or subscriptions.

Increase web site traffic & ROI with Sponsored ads campaign & Management

Sponsored Campaigns

At Kai Studios PPC advertising firm we know PPC is more then just creating and running an account on it own, after all you are paying per click so you might as well want to make sure these clicks are worth your money spent.
choosing the right keywords and keyword match type is essential to increase web site traffic over Yahoo, Google AdWords PPC platform among other must have features such as attractive ads constructing, content match preference, keyword quality score, negative keywords, conversion counter, analytics setup and more.

Sponsored Campaigns
Sign up online for an AdWords Campaign and receive $100 voucher.

Your PPC Campaign should be optimized with the correct Keywords, Keywords match types, attractive ads and a well converting landing page.

keywords are the base for every campaign, paid or organic, with the right keywords you can achieve your goals with your web site and avoid unwanted clicks by competition or click fraud.

Your ads should be attractive and pop out of the crowd to intimidate user clicking it, many ads get low CTR (click through rate) when not structured correctly.

The Landing Page
So we got the correct keyword and ads to be clicked on the next step your visitor seeing is your web site’s landing page. this page should be professional looking and convincing enough for the visitor to initiate a “call for action” within the page.

Click fraud – invalid clicks
Click fraud occurs when search-related ads are clicked on for the purpose of boosting revenue to the Web site hosting the ad or depleting the budget of the advertiser. In order to prevent this, we monitor it as part of our “PPC Management”.


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