Web Design Resources

Web Design Resources

when engaging in a new web design project either custom or from a ready made template your are required to supply your own content in term of images and test copy. the below resources will help you gather such content to be provided and used through your web site development

Pre designed Themes & Templates

A template can save you lots of time and money on customizing a new web site design from scratch. If you are searching for a quick solution with a professional look, a pre designed template is the answer. Worried about being too generic and looking like everyone else on the web? We customize each template so that your website will fit your company type and or industry “like a glove.”

Image Banks & Clip art

“an Image is worth a thousand words” while this statement is very true once a visitor is already on your page an images will enhances the visitor experience on a website for a richer more visual appealing web page images play no roll in search engines marketing ranking but do remember that your website should appeal to both your visitors and the search engines. the below list of image resources can help you gather the components needed to compile a beautiful website which will convert to sales/leads or subscriptions.

Content Writing & Syndication

“Content is King” is often used to describe the importance of your website text copy, while content alone might not be sufficient for “Top Ten Rankings”, the content of your website will serve as the founding most prominent resource. creating your content can be done in various ways, from content syndication to copy writing, high quality rich unique content is crucial


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