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Part of Google Maps, Mapping service that indexes streets and satellite imagery, providing driving directions and local business search. Local listings service, before it was integrated with mapping. The merged service was then called Google Local, which was further renamed to Google Maps due to popular demand

Regional and Local Targeting: Sharpen Your Advertising Focus

With AdWords, you can target your ads to appear only in specific geographic locations. You can choose country-level targeting or narrow your focus to:

    • How does this benefit me?

      When you target regional and local areas, you can reach the prospects who are most appropriate for your business and you can write ads that highlight special promotions or pricing based on geography.

  • Which ad targeting option is right for me?

    Use regional and city-level targeting if you know which specific cities and regional areas are appropriate for your market. Choose customized targeting if you want to define your own target area. Indicate your area by choosing a point and a surrounding radius or by picking points to define a border.

  • How does this work?

    The AdWords system may analyze a searcher’s query (for example “London florist”) to establish what location that person is searching for. The system may also take note of the person’s Internet Protocol (IP) address to see where he or she is searching from.

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