Favoloso Diamonds – Loose Diamonds, Fancy Color Diamonds, Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, Fine Jewelry

FAVOLOSO Diamonds aims to provide a colorful collection of diamonds, fine diamond jewelry and luxury jewelry to as many people as possible. FAVOLOSO Diamonds purchases these items from the Los Angeles Jewelry District of California, USA at wholesale prices.

The LA Jewelry District is the largest jewelry district in the United States. Widely known for offering wholesale prices for the finest jewelry and diamonds, it is made up of about 5,000 companies.

FAVOLOSO Diamonds provides people with a way to access and enjoy shopping with this wide variety of high quality diamond items directly from their comfortable home.

FAVOLOSO Diamonds makes it easy to buy high quality jewelry by offering only the highest quality diamonds in the industry at the lowest possible price. FAVOLOSO’s experienced purchasing team works with suppliers to choose styles that will always shine and create crafted and comfortable jewelry. Our team of graduate gemologists inspect high quality craftsmanship, diamond cuts, colors and transparency to ensure that your jewelry shines for generations.

FAVOLOSO Diamonds guarantees that all diamonds we offer are as follows: We promise that most diamonds transparency will be “VS2” or higher and the color will be “|” or higher, as outlined in the industry evaluation guide.