Kai Studios makes no warranties or guarantees of any kind that your site traffic will improve or stay at levels achieved now or in the future as a result of the work we perform in or outside of our SEM Services with 3rd party search engines other than that the work outlined will be implemented and goals achieved.
Kai Studios does have some affiliation or status with some search engines and directories but does not have a direct influence on their search algorithm, Kai Studios does not engage in any underhanded or “grey” techniques to gain an advantage and complies with their respective terms of service.
US prices only serve as an approximate value if payment is to be made by credit card or with foreign currency.
Client is responsible for their own personal or business internet access as well as web hosting & content copy, images and any other assets.
Kai Studios rates are subject to change at any time and without notice if no long term contract is defined
Client can withdraw from a campaign at anytime, fees associated with a campaign must be paid in full